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Personalized Art lessons for children in Epsom

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Life Drawing

Learning how to draw is ultimately about learning how to see and interpret the world around you. In my lessons I will help you to observe images correctly and be able to draw convincingly. You will train your eye to look for specific factors as you analyse objects or a scene. I will help you to gain confidence in your drawing and become familiar with typical life drawing techniques and materials.



I will help you find the best approach to take when you are drawing a portrait. You will learn, through anatomy, how to construct the face, use proportion and to master the features of the human body

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Still Life

Students will learn about composition, constructing and building objects and the harmony and interrelationships between them.



Drawing landscapes is a relatively recent development in art. I will help you to understand the effects of light and weather on a landscape, understand the passage of the sun across a scene and the dramatic effects of shadows.


Old Masters

Historically, many master works were used solely as studies for later paintings. Copying from the Old Masters is a good method to make you understand and familiarise yourself with painting. In my studio, all students will have the opportunity to paint copies of their favourite old masters.

Paint Brushes

Art History

We will review the historical context of the work of the Old Masters, the influences behind their work and the historical significance of their paintings.

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