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Cristina Rodriguez

Artist and Teacher

Cristina was born in Quito, Ecuador but has spent a significant part of her life in Ukraine, Latvia and the UK.

Cristina holds a qualification as an Artist, Art Researcher and Art Teacher from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine – one of the most prestigious academies of Eastern Europe. Cristina also holds a Master's degree  in Fine Arts and Folk Applied Arts.

Fluent in Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Cristina’s work explores a wide variety of styles. She specializes in portrait painting, blending classical techniques and Latin and East European influences. 

She works primarily in two styles. In her portraits she reflects the beauty and harmony of the classic style, drawing on her academic background. In other work she seeks to tread new ground, experimenting with mixtures of classic and modern art, infused with colour and distinguished by strokes of the artist’s knife. In doing so, she takes a more modern direction, in the footsteps of the Masters of Ecuadorian art.

Cristina can handle commissions for any fine art work (paintings)

To see her portfolio, please click here

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